Trees 101

While there are dozens of controversies over planting trees, deforestation, and just how trees play a role in the environment, there are some facts we can count on. Naturally growing and planted trees produce oxygen within the air and generally help cool the environment when the photosynthesis process removes carbon dioxide and converts it to food that helps trees and plant materials grow. Not only that, the leaves that fall from trees are known to reduce ground soil temperatures and increase moisture needed for animals. While trees are essential to our ecosystem, we also plant them specifically for improving air quality and for use in wood components, paper products, wood chips, and more. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Trees Are Caught in the Middle

Many nations continue to argue about the value or hazards that surround forests. Global warming is a constant controversy, and trees often get caught in the middle of the argument. While scientists debate over whether planting trees adds or takes away value, the general public is split as well, and the subject is often political. While planting trees would seem to be a perfect solution to cleaner air, some argue that trees absorb more of the sun’s energy and that in turns raises the planet’s surface temperature. Some also claim that trees emit volatile gases that contribute to air pollution while others see trees as consuming the gases and cleaning the air.

The Beauty of a Tree

Regardless of opinions, scientific evaluations, and controversial facts, what we may all be able to agree upon is the beauty of a tree. Some of the benefits surely seem to outweigh the negative effects, and we certainly would be deprived without trees. Let’s review the possibilities in natural, earth-generated trees:

  • They’re beautiful
  • Absorb pollutant gases and produce oxygen
  • Cool our homes, streets, and cities
  • Shade slows water evaporation in lawns and soil
  • Slow runoff with reduced chance of soil and pollutant migration
  • Provide food in the form of apples, pears, oranges, bananas, dates, and dozens of other edible delights
  • Offer seasonal effects, from shade to leaves
  • Produce wood for our structures, cabinetry, wood parts, furniture, and so much more
  • Enhance the economical landscape
  • Provide a haven and habitat for wildlife

While you may find some of these benefits controversial as well, let’s at least agree on the beauty of a tree.

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