The Rebirth of Natural Wood in Commercial Construction

The timber industry has come full scale. Since the early days when wood was a natural, sought after commodity for large-scale building projects of every type, alternative wood products have made there way into the markets and managed to impress some leaders and builders along the way. Steel and concrete made their debut as worthy materials for a number of commercial construction projects. Timing was good, given the decade-long siege of the bark beetle in the 2000s and periods of devastating drought in the Northwest. While some of the fake-wood options are excellent choices for certain applications, such as a Trex® outdoor deck for example, there is a new shift taking place—a rebirth of natural wood in commercial construction of airports, educational buildings, hotels, museums, schools, sports facilities, and more.

Clean and Sustainable Wood

There is no question that natural tree wood is a clean and sustainable option, from forest to fabrication. Wood is clean, easy to manufacture, and made to withstand the elements. Manufacturing wood requires minimal artificial or synthetic alterations, chemical processes, or other modifications, and technology offers better fabrication and connection engineering systems that make this possible. Trees can be planted specifically for the purpose of wood manufacturing so that we are not destroying forests unnecessarily. Not only that, forests clean the air and give us a product that is fresh for breathing and safe for the environment. There is a new trend for timber as an architectural alternative that offers sustainable construction.

Beautiful, Durable, and Versatile Wood

The varieties of wood types make wood a valuable option for both internal and external construction needs. There are many beautiful soft woods and hard woods that offer the durability and versatility needed for the project at hand. While synthetic wood products are suitable for certain environments, there is no match for the beauty, durability, and versatility found in birch, oak, maple, cherry, and poplar, to name a few. These woods are structurally flexible and well suited for cabinets, drawers, kitchen organizers, and furniture.

Energy and Cost-Efficient Wood

From energy and cost-efficiency standpoints, solid wood construction including cross-laminated panel systems is at the top of the list. Known as a natural material for maximizing R-value and insulation in wood framing, for example, wood meets or exceeds energy codes. Wood usually allows more space for insulation, increasing performance and saving costs. The popularity of wood has spiraled given its resilience to both natural and manmade disasters that have plagued the world in recent years. Made to withstand wind, moisture, other natural elements, most of the world agrees there is no real replacement for wood. This rebirth of wood for commercial construction is a welcome sign for the wood products industry.

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