Practical Sustainable Wood for Modern Construction

Wood is timeless. As new construction materials and modern design concepts emerge across the decades, there is still no replacement for real wood. Take a look at design trends for most structures including resorts, hotels, office buildings, factories, and airports, to name a few. You’ll see wood products in the foundation, in the framework, and in the finished interior and exterior architectural elements. It’s no secret that practical, sustainable wood continues to make its way into new construction and design elements across the continent.


Wood foundations are durable and sound, particularly if they are properly engineered and assembled. Foundations are often made from pressure-treated wood to withstand the elements. Wood keeps interiors warm and dry, and wood is easy to work with. With the proper installation of foundation-grade wood, water is not generally an issue. This type of wood is chemically treated with a copper blend that prevents bacteria, mold, and wood-loving pests. Resilient building foundations rely on excellent construction in order to hold up and support large structures over time.


Construction framework, also known as framing, is best completed with the use of wood and structural steel beams, especially for load-bearing walls that require added support for the upper regions of a building. Framing refers to the assembly of wood pieces that make up a structure’s frame and support system. Two categories of framing are often used: heavy frame construction and light frame construction. Heavy frame construction includes fewer but heavier timber, pole building, or steel framing while light frame construction uses economical dimensional lumber. Various types of framework options are used depending on the environment surrounding a structure; i.e., earthquakes, wind, rain, etc. Relevant framework is required in order to withstand forces that can break down the structure. A triangular shaped building when properly constructed is actually one of the strongest types of structures.

Finish Work for Interiors and Exteriors

Finish work (or finishing work) refers to the construction and often the aesthetics of the interior and exterior finishes of a building or structure. While typical finish work refers to walls and floors, also consider windows, doors, roofs, trim, cabinetry, furniture, kitchens, baths, and so much more. Pre or post-fabrication for these wood parts is important in large construction projects such as hotels and office buildings. For example, cabinetry is often ordered in bulk by part to save on costs, and then it is easily assembled onsite by various mechanized processes. There is simply no substitute for durable and beautiful wood when it comes to kitchen and bath cabinetry and other exterior wood components.

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